What are the restrictions on membership?
What is the mileage allowance on the bikes?
How far in advance can I book?
How many points will my booking use?
Can I top up my points if I've used them all up before the end of the year?
Can I use my Classic Car Club points?
Who can ride the club bikes?
How does the insurance excess work?
What do I need to do when returning a bike?
What happens if I get a parking ticket or penalty charge?
Where do I collect and return the bikes?
When are you open for collections and returns?
What happens in an emergency or breakdown?
Do bikes get cancelled in bad weather? Will I still be charged points?
What if I need to cancel a booking?
Can I take the bikes to a track?
Can I take the bikes to Europe?
Can I leave my own motorbike with you while I'm out on a club bike?
Do I need my own motorcycle gear, helmet, jacket, gloves etc?
Can I take a pillion passenger?
How do I secure my bike overnight?
Trackers? Tell me more.