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Ride the best-of-the-best, iconic, modern-retro motorcycles without the hassle of ownership. No issues with insurance, MOTs, servicing, storage or security. Just join the club, choose a bike and ride.

“Owning a bike in London these days can be a bit of a liability…”

Unless you commute on two wheels, most London riders with bikes over 750cc only manage to get out on their pride & joy around a dozen times a year. So, why commit, and why deal with 365 days a year of cost and worry, when you can join Club Moto London, pick a bike from our must-have fleet, and then just ride any bike whenever you want?

The bikes can be collected and dropped off at the Bike Shed Motorcycle Club in Shoreditch, open seven days a week from breakfast till late – so you can turn up with your mates for brunch, while the bike waits (clean, checked and prepped) for you to just ride away. You can even come back for dinner at the end of the day and drink a few too many beers, leaving us to put the bike away for you, while you catch a ride home in a taxi or on the train.

All of the fun
None of the hassle

How Club Moto Works

Get Membership

Joining Club Moto London costs just £100, for life, which puts you on our insurance and into the membership database. After joining you simply buy points to use whenever you ride, redeemed against the bike you choose. (See the tiers opposite).

Club Moto Standard: £7 per point

Club Moto Gold: £6 per point

BSMC Gold Members: £6 per point

If you pre-buy 200 points (equal to 10 days on a Class A bike*), or more, you qualify for Gold points pricing, and we’ll waive the £100 joining fee.

Bike Shed Motorcycle Club Gold Members automatically qualify for Gold points pricing.
*Pre-purchased points must be used within 18 months of purchase.

Book a bike

Choose your bike from our fleet of 20 (and counting) new iconic street bikes, and points will be deducted from your account, as per the table below. A standard day’s hire is 24 hours, but you can collect and return on the same day if that is more convenient.

Points & Classes

20 Points per day = Gold £120/£140 Standard

18 Points per day = Gold £108/£126 Standard

15 Points per day = Gold £90/£105 Standard

12 Points per day = Gold £72/£84 Standard

See the whole update motocycle fleet & classes online.

Our Fleet

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Our fleet features all our favourite motorcycles, and it will be frequently updated and added-to. For more details, see pics and read more on each bike HERE.


Head over to the Classic Car Club or the Bike Shed on the day of your booking, where your ride will be waiting; insured, taxed, MOT’d, cleaned, checked and with tyres at optimum pressure. Our experienced team will talk you through the bike’s features, check-off the condition form, provide you with a lock and send you on your way to do the important part: – Ride.

Full phone support is available while you have one of our bikes.


If you have more questions, you’ll probably find them answered in our FAQ’s HERE

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